5 Heat players who need to step up with Terry Rozier sidelined

Injuries continue to overshadow this Miami Heat season. The next man up has to keep this train moving.
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Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro, Donte Divincenzo
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Tyler Herro's new role just got established -- a catch-and-shoot sniper that hardly took tough mid-range jumpers. Herro has shown he's adaptable. He needs to be a chameleon because the Heat needs Herro to change his role again.

Rozier struck fear in defense when he attacked the rim. He's not an elite finisher, but he kept defenders second-guessing because of his shot-making prowess. It might feel like Rozier is finishing better than he does because of the tough shots he makes. We need Herro to put the same pressure on defenses.

The midrange jumpers are cool and a needed counter every elite scorer can get to, but it shouldn't be the main thing. Herro attacking defenses and getting all the way to the cup will open other parts of his game. 

He almost gets two feet in the paint on this aggressive drive vs premiere defender Jrue Holiday. This is a tough shot --- the type of shot that juices your confidence. More rim attacks from Herro that lead to buckets or dimes will mitigate the loss of Rozier.

Herro is tasked with starting point guard responsibilities. He'll be on the ball a lot more. We'll see a boost in pick-and-rolls with Bam. Herro has to come off these screens looking to get a shot for himself or others. Rozier averaged five assists a game and did the little things (rebounding, playing faster, pestering on-ball defense). Herro will incorporate these things while Rozier is out.