5 Miami Heat players who stand to benefit the most from Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier is the Miami Heat's most dynamic mid-season addition since acquiring Goran Dragic.
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1. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler
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Rozier is very competitive, giving the Heat another major scoring option to complement Butler, and they need that. Miami has many guys on the roster who can score, but similar to Jimmy, Rozier's effectiveness does not rely on having possession of the ball.

For the last four years on the Hornets, he has successfully shared playmaking responsibilities with LaMelo Ball and consistently averaged 20 points per game. Rozier and Butler will do just that, share responsibility.

Rozier can play both guard positions. He has the ability to exert a gravitational force on the ball, similar to what the Heat had anticipated from Lowry before his skills declined due to age. This will draw defenders away from the rim, creating space for Butler and Adebayo in the paint. 

Additionally, he will be able to exploit opponents who employ deep drop coverages on the ball. Rozier has a penchant for executing side-step pull-up shots, and he is skilled at executing them whether he moves left or right. If defenders fail to stay connected to him after a ball screen, he will not hesitate to take a shot.​​