5 Miami Heat players who stand to benefit the most from Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier is the Miami Heat's most dynamic mid-season addition since acquiring Goran Dragic.
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3. Tyler Herro

Tyler Herro
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​​The Heat have high expectations that their challenges in the backcourt will be resolved following the addition of Rozier. Despite Herro's improvement in on-ball skills, Rozier has a stronger reputation as both a self-creator and facilitator. By allowing Herro to play off the ball, Rozier will provide Miami with a capable leader for their second unit whenever Jimmy Butler is off the court. Herro has expressed his enthusiasm about teaming up with Rozier in the backcourt, emphasizing the potential for a dynamic partnership.

It is always challenging to incorporate four players with high usage rates, but the fact that both Rozier and Herro are comfortable playing off the ball should help alleviate those transitional difficulties. Having competed against Rozier for several years, Herro acknowledged his skills as a great player and a scorer, similar to himself. He believes that their playing styles will complement each other well, as they both possess the ability to play on and off the ball, shoot from various positions, and create opportunities for their teammates.

Additionally, Herro highlighted Rozier's youthfulness, suggesting that their shared energy and quickness will enable them to play at a faster pace.