5 Miami Heat players who stand to benefit the most from Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier is the Miami Heat's most dynamic mid-season addition since acquiring Goran Dragic.
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5. Duncan Robinson

Duncan Robinson
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No other player this season has achieved a higher shooting percentage on as many 3-point attempts as Duncan Robinson. Among players who have attempted at least seven 3-point shots per game, close behind him are Tyler Herro (42.7%), CJ McCollum (42.2%), Stephen Curry (41.4%), and Tyrese Haliburton (41.3%).

Similar to Robinson, Rozier is adept at shooting 3-pointers while on the move and off the catch. Adding another proven shooter has a domino effect on the offense.

This season, Rozier has attempted 6.6 off-dribble threes per 100 possessions and has made an impressive 38.9% of them. Among the 32 players who have attempted at least 100 shots, he ranks seventh in the league in this category. If Rozier can maintain this level of shooting, it could be a game-changer and disrupt opposing defensive schemes.

Despite not always receiving the most favorable opportunities within Charlotte's offensive system, with Miami lacking high-volume shooters aside from Robinson and Herro, Rozier is not hesitant to take deep shots. He has managed to shoot an impressive rate of 38% on 5.7 3-point attempts per game this season. With Robinson and Rozier, the Heat are likely to get a boost, and their shooting can ignite Miami's offense.