5 Sleeper NBA Draft prospects the Heat should target in the 2nd round

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The Miami Heat own the 43rd pick in June's NBA draft and have a chance to make (and keep) their own second-round pick for the first time since taking Josh Richardson with the 40th pick in 2015.

Here are five prospects the Heat should target on the second day of the draft.

5. Oso Ighodaro

A Marquette guy, Oso Ighodaro is one of the best passing big men coming out of the draft. Ighodaro does his damage from the elbows. He throws excellent passes to cutters, and anyone he sees's open. Ighodaro can also be used in the two-man game.

Ighodaro and Duncan Robinson would be a good fit, just like how Bam Adebayo and Robinson have an excellent two-man game. Ighodaro sets good screens to free his ball handlers. Ighodaro will be best used with a team that has shooters for him to find.

Ighodaro is an okay rebounder (6.9 rebounds per game), but when he does get the rebound, he looks to go full court to finish at the rim. Ighodaro runs hard on both ends. Defensively, he is better at switching on the perimeter and being a help side defender to protect the rim.

Ighodaro has a good touch around the rim; they don't have a jump shot. If Ighodaro can work on corner three, he will have a long career.