5 Sleeper NBA Draft prospects the Heat should target in the 2nd round

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4. Tyler Kolek

Tyler Kolek is another Marquette guy. Miami doesn't have a true point guard on the roster. Kolek would be a nice find for Miami. Miami doesn't have an offensive identity. Kolek is a player who can play fast or slow. He can fit into any system.

Kolek does well attacking and finishing at the rim. Kolek is similar to former Heat guard Goran Dragic in that he can attack and finish at the rim.

Kolek shot 34.8% from three this past season and has improved his pull-up threes, which, being an undersized guard, you need to have in your game. Kolek is a solid defender who knows where to be on the floor and has quick hands that lead to tips and deflections.

Kolek is a fiery guy who would match Miami's energy, has a lot of tools that any team would welcome and can do a bit of everything offensively. You can run the second unit for your team and score in various ways. Miami would find their backup guard of the future in Kolek.