5 Perfect Miami Heat trade targets they have to consider

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Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward
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Brennan Sims: The Charlotte Hornets should be sellers by the deadline, right? If so, hopefully, the Heat can get their hands on the former All-Star, Gordon Hayward. Miami is the association's 20th-ranked offense, and Hayward could help steer the ship in the right direction.

Hayward is good-to-excellent at everything offensively; he doesn't have a substantial hole in his game. He can dribble, pass, shoot, set screens, and play off the ball. His 3-point numbers haven't been anything to write home about in recent years, but with Miami, he'd be in a backup role competing with second-stringers. There'd be less pressure on him. 

Miami's team-oriented style of play should be an attractive factor to Hayward. He plays team ball. Hayward doesn't over-dibble, looking to create highlights. He's a gritty, all-around Swiss army knife (offensively) who is hurt often. That's the only downside with Hayward. But Miami wouldn't be dependent on him at this stage of his career.