5 Perfect Miami Heat trade targets they have to consider

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DeJounte Murray 

Dejounte Murray
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Max Marshall: Miami’s biggest issue this year has been the guard play on both ends. The writing is on the wall for Kyle Lowry, whose time in Miami should be over by the deadline. The Heat are relying too much on Josh Richardson, signed at the minimum last summer, in crunch-time moments. 

Atlanta’s DeJounte Murray should be the Heat’s target ahead of the deadline. The Hawks have reportedly made him available – like, very available. The backcourt partnership with Trae Young hasn’t led to winning, but Murray is a good player who needs a better fit. 

Murray would be an upgrade defensively and would be a threat offensively. He can initiate offense and is a strong mid-range and floater-range scorer, even if he is a streaky 3-point shooter (34.4%). Murray would bring much-needed athleticism and length to Miami’s starting lineup and his personality would be a fit in the locker room. 

Adding the 27-year-old Murray, who is under contract through 2028, would mark an immediate upgrade and a long-term fit.

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