5 Players the Miami Heat Should Avoid Acquiring This Offseason

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In this week’s Roundtable, the All U Can Heat staff gets together to discuss the players they should NOT acquire this offseason.

5. Brandon Ingram

There will be other options if the Heat are unable to trade for Donovan Mitchell, but they should not explore a deal for Brandon Ingram.

Ingram isn’t a bad player, but more of a bad fit. This team needs another no. 1 scoring option and Ingram isn’t that. You can look at this past regular season and what he did in the playoffs, and it doesn’t scream “Go get that guy.” He’s not an elite three-level scorer. Where he does excel as a scorer is in the mid-range area. However, that’s where Miami’s two best players operate from. It's already clunky now and you would need Ingram to be a good to great playmaker and he’s not that. He’s also not a good to elite defender which the Heat could use.

You’d be better off keeping and developing Tyler Herro (who would more than likely be moved for Ingram). Herro is 24 and is looking to get better every year. Herro’s value should be explored but swapping him for Ingram makes no sense unless you can snag a guy like Trey Murphy Jr. or Herb Jones in the deal as well, which at this moment seems impossible. Ingram’s stock isn’t that high right now and the Heat could buy low, but with a contract extension looming, they really shouldn’t put themselves in that position. Ingram unfortunately isn’t a guy that makes sense and isn’t worth throwing assets out the door for. He’s like an NBA2k player who has an 80 rating for every attribute. He’s good at several things but not elite in one area and “elite” is what the Heat need right now. –  Will Salinas