5 Trade deadline targets the Heat can save from losing teams

There are several good players on losing teams that could help the Miami Heat make their final playoff push after the NBA trade deadline.
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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As the NBA approaches the trade deadline, it becomes clear that there are buyers and sellers. The Miami Heat have already established with last month's Terry Rozier trade that they are buyers. Other teams in the dregs of the standings should most certainly be sellers.

With the trade deadline a day away, the Heat still have time to add to their team. Miami did trade for Rozier last month, and that move has helped the team, but if the front office wants to improve the roster more, making another trade would give Miami a better chance to compete. The Heat need to get bigger and could use some depth in the backcourt.

Here are five players that the Heat can save from bad teams who could help for this season's playoff push.

Andre Drummond

Miami looks very small compared to a lot of teams. It's not that one player will fix Miami's size problem, but adding a guy like Andre Drummond will make them bigger. The Bulls are firmly in the play-in tournament mix but don't have a chance to be much better than that. They should see what they could get from Drummond over the next few hours.

Drummond has been a fantastic offensive rebounder throughout his career and his defense has picked up in Chicago. While Thomas Bryant and Orlando Robinson seem to have fallen out of the rotation, Drummond would be a proven backup center behind Bam Adebayo.

Drummond is solid on defense, has quick feet for his size, and will bang down low. Having Drummond as the backup is significant to have for the postseason. Drummond can play 10-12 minutes and, in those limited minutes, be aggressive and use his fouls. Drummond would be a solid get for Miami.