6 Dream trade deadline targets for the Heat (and what they'd cost)

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5. Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso
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The Bulls are firmly in the play-in tournament mix and should stay there whether they find a suitor for Zach LaVine or not. It’s becoming decreasingly likely that they would trade Caruso before the deadline. 

That’s why it would cost quite a bit to pry Caruso from Chicago. A deal they can’t refuse, if you will. Do the Heat have that kind of capital to throw around? With only one first-round pick available, probably not. It would cost at least two and a good player going back, probably.

Caruso would be a great fit in Miami. He’s one of the best two or three guards in the league defending his position and can hit 3s at a high rate (40.9% this season). But this one is a long shot for all the reasons mentioned.