6 Dream trade deadline targets for the Heat (and what they'd cost)

Los Angeles Lakers v Minnesota Timberwolves
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4. Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez
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Under new coach Doc Rivers, the Milwaukee Bucks appear to be leaning into a switching defense. Lopez is an awesome drop defense center, but adept at switching he is not. 

Meanwhile, the Heat have adopted a more traditional defense this season with less switching and more man-to-man coverage and Adebayo protecting the basket. They also seem to be layering in more zone concepts. 

Lopez would thrive in those schemes. A legit 7-footer who can space the floor, he would allow Adebayo to play more help-side defense while he protects the rim. Offensively, he wouldn’t get in the way of Adebayo or Butler because he’s a threat from beyond the arc (career 35% 3-point shooter).

Acquiring him is more complicated. First, the Bucks would have to be willing to trade one of their core players (but that didn’t stop them from trading Jrue Holiday) and it would likely involve a third team. The Nets could be shopping center Nic Claxton, who will be up for a new contract this summer. Claxton is better suited for Rivers’ switching defense and is a young player who can grow with Milwaukee’s core. What if the Heat, Nets and Bucks worked out a three-way trade?