Advanced stat shows where Terry Rozier can immediately boost the Heat

Terry Rozier is a pick-and-roll maestro who will juice this struggling Heat offense.
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Pace and space are king in today's NBA landscape, and countless numbers of sets unveil this. Teams often trot five-out offensive possessions and attempt to dismantle defenses with spread pick-and-rolls. Whether it's a pull-up jump shot, beelines straight to the cup, or drive and kick opportunities. All of these actions can be triggered by pick-and-roll efficiency.

According to the latest stats, only one player has been better than the Miami Heat's newly acquired lightning-scorer Terry Rozier regarding pick-and-roll efficiency.

Rozier, who proudly wore No. 3 in homage to Dwyane Wade, is known for his unpredictable, jerky dribbling that gives him unparalleled freedom on the court. (Rozier will wear No. 2 for the Heat because, obviously, Wade's number is retired.)

Like Wade, Rozier's speed changes are vital components of his often-underestimated athleticism. He uses these traits to maintain a consistent rhythm, seldom being rushed in the pick-and-roll.

In the first clip, Rozier demonstrates his patience and understanding of angles. Accepting the semi-screen from Nik Richards, he immediately puts Grayson Allen in a difficult position by driving towards the basket while keeping Allen on his hip. This is a common strategy in the pick-and-roll, a facet of the game that floor generals like Chris Paul and Trae Young have perfected. The clip clearly shows Rozier's mastery of this technique.

Rozier keeps the slower but stronger Allen at bay and launches one of his signature challenging shots.

In clip two, Rozier arguably gets away with a chicken wing elbow on Eric Gordon, but the refs didn't call it, so we move. He again shows off his brilliant stop-and-start game, turning on the breaks and finding Brandon Miller for a fully open three.

Rozier has many shots, and his slick handle provides go-to moves, allowing him to get to his preferred destination from the pick-and-roll. He makes the one-legged floaters off the backboard look like slight work. Rozier stands out as one of the premier tough shot makers, particularly in pick-and-roll situations.

The Heat are the 20th-ranked offense and have only cracked 100 points twice in the last six games. Rozier's shotmaking and efficiency out of the pick-and-roll will add juice to this struggling Heat offense.

What would a coach consider an ideal matchup for Rozier? You want to avoid putting a more oversized, lengthier defender on him because Rozier has the quickness and craft advantage. Small guards don't stand a chance as he rises and fires over them.

These matchups present themselves in the pick-and-roll, and Rozier has shredded this scheme to a million pieces this season.

In the first clip, Rozier shows the confidence and fearlessness that travels with him to South Beach. He gets the switch, and now Malik Monk, who has three inches on Rozier, is matched up with him. Rozier sees nothing but the net. Displaying one of his go-to moves, his sidestep to the left freezes Monk as he doesn't want to over-commit because Rozier is still a blowby threat. The switch in the pick-and-roll opened this opportunity for Rozier.

We've got a glimpse of the Terry Rozier experience throughout the rest of the clips. Deep 3s, open mid-ranges due to the space he created, sidestep relocation dribble 3s. You name it, Rozier does it out of the pick-and-roll. He does an excellent job rubbing shoulders with his screen setter like those shoulders are a special magnet specifically made for him.

Rozier has been more than impressive this season, averaging 23.2 points and 6.6 assists. He and Bam Adebayo -- among the best screen-setters in the NBA -- will be a formidable pick-and-roll duo. Rozier will aid the Heat with their aforementioned offensive woes. His shotmaking, handle, toughness and fearlessness make him an ideal fit in Miami.