Bam's game-winner vs Pistons proves why Heat need to let him expand his game

Miami Heat v Detroit Pistons
Miami Heat v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

In control for most of the game without two starters in Jimmy Butler and Nikola Jovic, the Miami Heat suddenly had their 17-point lead erased and found themselves even at 101. The Heat were on the verge of heading to overtime with little momentum, but Bam Adebayo slammed the door on any potential comeback victory for the Pistons, hitting a 30-foot game-winning three to seal a 104-101 victory Sunday afternoon in Detroit.

Offseason clips and occasional flashes as recent as last month's All-Star game of Adebayo shooting threes has fueled debate over whether he should add the three-point shot to his diet.

Now Adebayo has made a three-pointer in three straight games. It's time for Adebayo to take that shot consistently and for the coaches to empower him to shoot from the top of the key when open.

Bam Adebayo's game-winning three-pointer proved why the shot should be a regular part of the Miami Heat's gameplan.

"I've seen our centers do three point shooting contests all the time in every practice," Heat head coach Erik Spoesltra said. "And Bam, for the last whatever, they're gonna debate this, but the ones that I've seen, he's [Adebayo's] won the last few."

It's not that Adebayo is hitting threes from halfcourt at the end of the quarter or heaving a heavily contested three at the end of the shot clock in a broken-down possession. Recently, Adebayo's three-pointers have been in the rhythm of the offense and early in the shot clock.

Make no mistake: Adebayo isn't going to suddenly become Brook Lopez or Karl-Anthony Towns from beyond the arc. But encouraging Adebayo to take the occasional jumper from the top of the key and make teams respect him from that area can open up the offense.

Not only can Adebayo be a transition threat above the break, but if teams begin to respect him from beyond the arc, Adebayo can use his speed and ball handling to get by players who do not have the foot speed Adebayo possesses.

Adebayo has four threes made for the season, which is a higher total over his last three seasons combined. And for an offense that still has its flaws, it's time to add Adebayo's top of the key three to the recipe and spice things up.