Duncan Robinson, star trades and other Miami Heat things we're thankful for

What Thanksgiving dish is Jimmy Butler, will the Miami Heat make a trade, and is this the year that Bam Adebayo finally wins Defensive Player of the Year?
Jun 9, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson (55) shoots the ball against
Jun 9, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Miami Heat forward Duncan Robinson (55) shoots the ball against / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at All U Can Heat! To celebrate, the staff got together to discuss what we are thankful for early on this season, assign dishes to different players, and what they want to see from the Miami Heat going forward.

What are you most thankful for so far this season?

Max Marshall: I’m thankful for actual basketball being played after a long, annoying summer. Miami has played pretty well and definitely can improve in a couple of areas but, all in all, it’s been a fun season.

Alex Villasis: I'm thankful for the resurgence of Duncan Robinson. It was known that Robinson is an elite shooter, but seeing hesitations to freeze Victor Wembanyama along with finishing reverse layups around the basket has shocked me. The Heat have only lost one game without Tyler Herro, and a big reason for their success has been Robinson breaking down the defense in multiple ways. In the 2022 playoffs, Robinson received DNP'S. But with this improvement, I can't see that ever happening again.

Noah Decker: I’m thankful that we have had a lot of good games in the NBA so far. The Heat have had their fair share of close, exciting games, one of the best being their home win over the Lakers. Overall, my favorite game so far has been Lakers vs Suns. It was fun to see LeBron and Durant go up against each other and perform at an extremely high level.

Stephanie Meadows: Honestly, just the fact that basketball is back and that for the most part, the Heat roster is healthy. Basketball is the one thing I can always count on (as cliche as it sounds). Across the NBA games have been very exciting and it’s been really interesting to follow other teams this season, reporting the ins and outs, talking matchups, players, and all of the developments.

Gabriel Coelho: I’m thankful for the opportunity to see young players blossom into superstars. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Tyrese Haliburton are some of my favorite players and it’s amazing to see them reach their potential. In Miami, I’m really happy with how Jaime Jaquez Jr. has had an immediate impact (especially since Nikola Jovic is out of the rotation).

António Dias: I’m thankful for a good start to the season by the Heat. With the summer going how it did and a weird first week of hoops, the vibes were not great. But the Heat are playing well, Herro has started the season great and has responded to all the summer talk, Duncan is back, Jaquez is an incredible addition and Bam is on his way to superstar status. This team feels cohesive, they enjoy playing with each other and it’s felt on the court.