WATCH: Emo Jimmy Butler returns in epic Fall Out Boy music video

Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Butler link up for the collab of the year.

Miami Heat Media Day
Miami Heat Media Day / Sam Navarro/GettyImages

Emo Jimmy is back.

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler stars in a new Fall Out Boy music video for the band’s new song “So Much (For) Stardust.” Butler, in the same wig and makeup he had for Heat media day in October, is dressed in a glittery, purple cowboy outfit and dances to the song throughout the 3:55 video.

At one point, the “Sugar, We’re Going Down” writers sing in their new song, “I need the sound of crowds or I can't fall asleep at night. I can't take my thoughts and I can't take my thoughts and I am awake. Another year of possibilities left unwrapped.”

Jimmy Butler's "emo" look returned, complete with a purple cowboy outfit, in Fall Out Boy's new music video.

While the song itself is not about Butler or the Heat, those lyrics are poignant for the reigning Eastern Conference finals MVP.

After appearing at Heat media day before the 2022-23 season with dreadlocks, Butler outdid himself with a full emo-style wig, mascara and face piercings at 2023-24 media day. 

When asked about the look at the time, Butler told reporters in Miami, “I’m very emotional right now. This is my emo state and I like this. This is me,” he said. “This is how I’m feeling as of late.”

Heat teammates were as surprised as on-site reporters and social media as pictures of Butler during his press conference went viral. Butler conducted all of his NBA and team-mandated photos in his emo costume. His official headshot is one from that day.

At the risk of reading into what was obviously a joke, Butler and the Heat had lost in five games to the Denver Nuggets after a grueling trip to the NBA Finals just a few months before. 

“It’s a new season. I’m excited for it. I’ll see you all in the Finals in June," Butler predicted at media day. "Somehow, someway, we’re going to end up in the Finals, we’re going to win it, and then you all are going to say we got lucky.”

The Heat have won five straight and nine of their last 11 heading into Thursday night's Finals rematch in Denver. Butler is playing his best basketball of the season, averaging 23.9 points on 56.7% shooting, 7.6 rebounds, 6 assists and 2.3 steals over his last nine games.

“It’s that time of the year," Butler said recently.

Butler is an avid rock and country fan. After games in the Heat locker room, Butler’s stereo is often playing classic alternative hits not limited to Fall Out Boy’s discography.

Butler and Fall Out Boy on Wednesday posted teasers of the music video on social media and the full video is up on the Fall Out Boy YouTube channel.