Former Miami Heat All-Star has pointed critique of current team

Tim Hardaway Sr. also says he's been trying to get his son in a Miami Heat jersey.

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In a recent episode of "The OGs" podcast, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller were joined by fellow former Miami Heat player Tim Hardaway Sr. to discuss stories about Pat Riley being a different breed, the current Miami Heat needing to stop passing up shots, and if we could see Tim Hardway Jr. in a Miami Jersey soon.

Tim Hardaway Sr. says "I like the Heat, but sometimes they play too unselfish."

Miller asked Tim Hardaway Sr. what he thinks of this current Heat team. Hardaway said, "They pass up too many shots" and added that they should let the starting point guard do more.

"Terry Rozier, you got to let him go," Hardaway said. "He's the only one who can really break somebody down and make it work."

Listening to the podcast, you can tell that Hardaway watches a lot of NBA. And if you're a Miami Heat fan, you can agree with Hardaway that Miami needs to get healthy -- that has been the team's biggest issue this season. The Heat have 29 different starting lineups this season.

Another thing I agree with Hardaway is that Miami does pass up too many shots. At times, the Heat play your-turn-my-turn basketball. The Heat need to take the good shots when they are there.

Pat Riley is a different breed

Haslem shared the story about Pat Riley dunking his head into a bucket of ice water to motivate the team before a game during the 2006 Finals.

"He put his head under the ice water for 30 seconds," Haslem said. "[He] pulled out his head and said, 'You gotta want to win this game like you about to take your last breath.'

Can we see Tim Hardaway Jr. in a Heat uniform?

A fan asked the OGs Show if Hardaway Jr, currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks, would ever play for the Heat.

"I've been trying to get him in a Heat jersey," Hardaway Sr. said. "And he will not be wearing my number if he gets on the Heat team. Do you understand me? See how I walk now. It hurts when I walk, so my jersey is up."

Hardaway wants his son in Miami but has made it clear that he will not be wearing his retired No. 10. Hardaway Jr. is an excellent shooter and would fit into Miami's play style. Having his son play for the same franchise as his father would be a great story and good fit for everyone involved.