5 Former Heat players who would’ve turned Miami into true title contenders this season

Amid another rocky regular season, there are several former Miami Heat players who would have fit well on the current roster and helped bolster the rotation.
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3. Gabe Vincent

Gabe Vincent
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One of the biggest true ‘Heat Culture’ stories was the development of Gabe Vincent. Going undrafted and working his way from bench player, to rotation player, to NBA Finals starter showcased just how serious the Heat’s developmental program is.

Vincent took over PG1 duties in Miami last season following a lengthy injury absence for Kyle Lowry. He got an opportunity and ran with it, becoming a pivotal part to the offense en route to another Finals run.

Unfortunately for the Heat, Vincent’s emergence came in a contract year. He took a more lucrative contract to join the LA Lakers over the fit and culture in South Beach. Although he has been dealing with a knee injury for most of this season, he is reportedly ready to return to the Lakers lineup as soon as this weekend just in time for a postseason run. With the importance of Vincent’s role last year for the Heat and the similarities in team success this year, he could have been huge.

Vincent was a player who never cared about starting or playing a role off the bench for the better of the team. After Miami acquired Terry Rozier, Vincent would have been in a bench role had he stayed.

However, there most definitely would have been stretches in games where he could have gotten minutes alongside Rozier. His 3-point efficiency and point-of-attack defense on the perimeter was so crucial for the Heat last year and it would have been the same story this year as well. He brought a versatile and underrated all-around game to an underdog Finals roster.

Imagine if Delon Wright on this present Heat team had a well rounded, dynamic offensive game to go along with his strong perimeter defense. That is exactly what Vincent brought to the table.