Grade the Trade: Heat give up Jimmy Butler in multi-team for new star

Jimmy Butler's time with the Miami Heat might be up. Does getting Donovan Mitchell still make sense?
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Nikola Jovic
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Why the Washington Wizards would do this trade

Trading Kyle Kuzma further solidifies Washington's rebuild. For years, they were stuck in mediocrity. Floating around this area of decent to good, this trade reiterates that they want to get younger and position themselves for a brighter future.

Nikola Jovic is the gem of this trade. There is no telling what his ceiling could be. He can potentially be a 6-foot-11 lead playmaker if his handle improves. His lights-out shooting and passing are next level for someone who still can't legally drink in America. He's shown he can play winning basketball. The Wizards would be elated to land this blue-chip prospect in return for Kyle Kuzma.

Getting an energizer bunny in Paul Reed would be ideal, too. He can help set the hard work culture an organization is trying to cultivate. The two draft picks are good throw-ins, too, even though the Wizards have a shaky history in the draft recently. This move keeps their franchise on the right track. They will keep losing before it gets better, and that's okay. At least they have a direction and aren't sitting on the fence of good/average.

Trade grade for the Wizards: A-

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