Grade the trade: Miami Heat land LeBron James in wild Bill Simmons proposal

The Lakers would never actually consider trading LeBron James... or would they?
Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers
Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages
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The Trade

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In this scenario, the Heat trade Kyle Lowry’s expiring contract and Duncan Robinson to get up to LeBron’s $47.6 million cap figure. Then it’s about adding enough sweetener for the Lakers. Simmons proposes second-year forward Nikola Jovic and a first-round pick (Miami can trade its 2028 and/or 2030 pick).

“I had LeBron and Gabe Vincent going back to Miami for Lowry and Robinson, maybe throw in Jović, and a future first. Kinda do right by LeBron,” Simmons said. “There’s the symmetry of LeBron going back to Miami 10 years later. If they could keep Jaquez, Caleb, Butler, Bam, Herro, and add LeBron to all of that. That becomes a possible favorite in the East.”

Is this enough for the Lakers? They would ask for Jaime Jaquez Jr., but Simmons says he wouldn’t trade the impressive rookie for a 39-year-old LeBron who could leave after a few months.

The Lakers would be getting cap relief by shedding Vincent’s contract and pulling out of any contract negotiations with LeBron. Robinson, Jovic and a pick could help in a rebuild, or be flipped for a player who could help Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves.