Grade the Trade Idea: Heat deal star to Rockets and reset their timeline

Does trading Jimmy Butler to his hometown help the Houston Rockets return to the playoffs and bring a star to the Miami Heat more in line with Bam Adebayo's window?
Houston Rockets v Miami Heat
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Grade the trade

While adding a talent like Green is tempting, at 22 he’s just a bit too young for Miami’s timeline – even an adjusted one centered around Adebayo.

Bam is 26 and has been to two Finals. He’s ready to win now. Green is a ways away from being a player who impacts winning at a high level. Bringing him in to be the lead scorer on offense is highly risky.

The Rockets have other players who have more complementary games that wouldn’t require such an adjustment. Instead of Green, would Houston trade Smith, Thompson or Eason?

That’s how I would counter if I were the Heat in this hypothetical scenario. Brooks, Steven Adams, Eason, Whitmore and the third-overall pick for Butler and the 15th pick works according to the salary cap rules.

But the original deal with Green solves more of Houston’s problems than it does Miami’s. For this reason, I’ll give the trade a C-.

Grade: C-

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