Re-Grading all the Miami Heat's 2023 acquisitions so far: Why Jaime Jaquez Jr. is a perfect fit

We give grades to the Miami Heat's newest players based on how they have fit in and performed 20 games into the season.
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Josh Richardson: B-
Stats: 10.5 points, 2.6 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 57 TS%

Fan favorite J-rich is back in the mix! The defense and hustle have been on full display.

This may look like a small play, but look how Richardson is willing to compete with bigs down low. He isn't scared of getting put on a highlight reel. You need scrappy players that put the team before themselves. He's a great role player that adds toughness to the lineup.

Richardson was used as the secondary (and sometimes primary) ball-handler in his first Miami stint. He's been more in that secondary role, as he is solid in making plays off the catch. He has been an efficient mid-range shooter, shooting 58% from there.

Richardson can still attack closeouts when defenses run at him. Defenses will do more of that when he finds his range. He's only shooting 30% on 4.2 attempts from 3-point range. This is one aspect I expect J-rich to improve in quickly. He's hit 38% over the last two seasons on decent volume. With Jimmy, Bam, and Kyle consistently creating good looks for him, watch how he finds his stroke as the season progresses.

His shooting and playmaking shortcomings keep him from having a higher grade so far, but his defense is still there. He's a hound on the ball. Picking up guys full court, making them turn a few times, causing the opponent to get into their offense with about 14 seconds left on the shot clock. J-rich is a defensive disruptor, and we know that will keep you in Spo's lineups. This following player is a match made in heaven for Heat Culture.