Re-Grading all the Miami Heat's 2023 acquisitions so far: Why Jaime Jaquez Jr. is a perfect fit

We give grades to the Miami Heat's newest players based on how they have fit in and performed 20 games into the season.
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Jaime Jaquez Jr.: A+
Stats: 12.0 points, 3.9 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 61 TS%

Do rookies usually make these summer action lists? Who cares. Jaime Jaquez Jr. had to be included. He's doing much more than expected; he's arguably playing the best amongst rookies after Chet Holmgren and Victor Webmanyama.

Jaquez shows his versatility on a nightly basis. He facilitates the offense at times and is poised with the ball, not rattled by smaller pesky defenders. He's turning the ball over some, but he has a legitimate role on this team. His turnovers come from trying to make the right play, not playing out of control.

When asked to be off the ball, Jaquez is a master in space. He finds small leaks in the defense to get easy layups.

Defenses must know where he's at on the floor at all times. When you can play on and off the ball and shoot 39% from 3, you will be a problem.

Not to mention, Jaquez is a sturdy defender who can guard 2 through 4 (at least). His substantial functional strength and defensive IQ allow him to clog up lanes and stuff driving defenders. Jaquez is not off balance often. He fell to pick No. 18 in his draft; that already looks like a huge mistake.

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