Grading the Heat’s top 5 players three quarters through the season

With the All-Star break over, it is time to dive into grading the top statistical performers for the Miami Heat so far this season.
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. . Tyler Herro. Tyler Herro. C-

When the season began, it seemed like Herro was poised for his first All-Star season. He came out on fire offensively and showed significant progress on the defensive end by being much more active in passing lanes. The problem is that the man can’t find a way to stay healthy. Besides his terrific rookie year bubble run, he hasn’t been impactful in any of the last playoff runs.

But this grading is about just this season, and Herro has been in and out of the lineup all season long including a lengthy absence after an ankle injury earlier in the season. He has missed 26 games so far this season and, unfortunately, will be missing more as he’s dealing with yet another foot injury.

It’s tough doling out a C-minus grade on a guy who has legitimate superstar potential. Herro is averaging 20.8 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists on 43.7% shooting and 40.0% from 3-point range. The points, assists and long-range shooting efficiency are all career-highs. The most frustrating part with Herro missing all these games is that he is just so talented when he is actually on the floor. At 24 years old, he could be a huge difference maker, but the best ability is availability in this sense.