Heat 2024 NBA Draft Board 2.0: Who is Miami targeting at 15?

NBA G League Fall Invitational - Perth Wildcats v G League Ignite
NBA G League Fall Invitational - Perth Wildcats v G League Ignite / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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2. Ron Holland, forward, G League Ignite

Age: 18

Size: 6-7, 6-11 wingspan, 197 pounds

Signature strength: Lockdown perimeter defender

Notable weakness: Raw on offense

Change from last big board: Up two spots.

Once in the mix as the top pick in this class, Holland’s stock dropped after an inconsistent season with the G League Ignite. Holland played a higher usage role that highlighted his weaknesses as a shot-creator and shooter he shot 27.3% on 3s) and had an upside-down assist-to-turnover ratio). 

But he did show an ability to be an incredible defensive playmaker. Holland totaled 31 steals and 16 blocks in 15 G League games. He’s also a decisive player on offense. Despite his poor percentages, Holland still attempted 3.1 3-point attempts per game and sprinted in transition.

Holland won’t do well if tasked with a similar lead role as he had in the G League but, on a team like the Heat, he could excel early as a difference-making defender and off-ball threat on offense.

Why is he rising? Holland’s character screams Heat culture. Here’s an excerpt from a recent profile by SBNation’s Ricky O'Donnell:

“Ron’s got a little crazy in him to the point where he just, he has no care for his well being,” [Holland’s high school coach David] Peavy said. “If he has to jump and get a rebound, but it means he’s going to smack his head against the backboard and have a concussion, he’ll do it.”

Doesn’t that sound like a Heat guy?

Holland says he can see himself playing a role similar to Jaylen Brown or Mikal Bridges. Both players are similar in size and thrive playing off a primary ball-handler. Athletically, Holland has a lot of similarities to Brown as a prospect.

When was the last time the Heat had someone who could make this play on the ball, handle in the open court and finish with his head over the rim like this?

In Miami, it’s easy to see Holland coming off the bench as a spark-plug defender as a rookie and then developing into a tweener forward who can thrive in a switching defense next to Bam Adebayo. If the coaching staff can help turn him into a league-average shooter, then Holland could reach his high-end potential.