Heat 2024 NBA Draft Board 2.0: Who is Miami targeting at 15?

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4. Tristan Da Silva, forward, Colorado

Age: 23

Size: 6-8, 6-10 wingspan, 217pounds

Signature strength: Spot-up 3-point shooter who will fit with any playoff team

Notable weakness: Lack of high-end athleticism

Change from last big board: Up five spots.

Da Silva is an NBA-ready forward who can space the floor, compete defensively and keep the ball moving on offense. 

Despite his lack of athleticism, Da Silva uses the threat of his outside jumper (39.5% on 3s) to drive closeouts and eat space. He plays well in space, even without the ball, constantly using his body to cut and set screens for teammates. He has good feel for how to get open.

While he won’t ever be a team’s primary advantage creator, he can attack off the second side or flow into a pick-and-roll against a bent defense. His height allows him to throw passes over the top of the defense.

Defensively, he could get beat off the dribble by more agile guards but he uses his long arms to get deflections and plays gaps well. Colorado played a decent amount of zone defense, which could help his translation into Miami’s scheme.

When I watch Da Silva, I see shades of Sacramento’s Keegan Murray. He doesn’t have the same upside, but the Kings use Murray as an off-ball shooting threat and defender who occasionally dabbles with the ball in his hands.

Fun fact: Da Silva’s dad was a boxer. Seems like something the Heat will like.

The Heat, Lakers and 76ers all have interest in Da Silva, but he might be a Plan B if their primary targets are off the board.