Heat in 5: A Jaime Jaquez Jr. Christmas, the different sides of Tyler Herro, and more

Plus, Bam Adebayo resumes his Defensive Player of the Year campaign.
Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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2️⃣ Bam keeps his DPOY campaign alive

Bam Adebayo
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The Heat were 23rd in defensive rating in the eight games Bam Adebayo missed. They are fifth since he returned.

No, that's not a typo. A 120.5-rated defense posted a 112.4 defensive rating in the last four games - eight fewer points allowed per 100 possessions. Bam's presence on the defensive end continues to be key for Erik Spoelstra, as his Defensive Player of the Year campaign continues.

Although he's doing it at a smaller rate, Bam's switching continues to be elite. Notice how he closes out hard on Anthony Edwards but still denies the path to the rim, staying low to the ground and using some physicality. Ends up forcing a leaning fadeaway pull up from Edwards.

In the second clip, he's matched up with Goga Bitadze in the low post. Again, he keeps him away from the restricted area with his physicality and doesn't go for any of his shot fakes or gets carried away with his spin. Ends up contesting a tough baby hook, forcing the miss and never allowing Bitadze to get into a comfortable spot.

The third clip is pretty straightforward. Tobias Harris is in transition and has the advantage over Duncan Robinson. The Heat have numbers so Bam is able to stay with them and come from the help side to block. He goes up with two hands and gives Harris no chance at a basket.

And last but definitely not least, a classic Bam floor coverage. In a high drop after the Capela screen for Trae Young, he denies any opportunity at an inside pass while also not allowing a shot while Caleb Martin recovers. Once he does, Bam back pedals to get back to Capela and intercepts the lob.