Heat in 5: A Jaime Jaquez Jr. Christmas, the different sides of Tyler Herro, and more

Plus, Bam Adebayo resumes his Defensive Player of the Year campaign.
Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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Tyler Herro
Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Tyler Herro is another player that has made his return this past week. And he's come out firing, with 26.3 points on 48.1% from the floor. But we'll be focusing on his assists. Herro was second on the team in assists and front court touches last week from the players that appeared in the four games (Bam Adebayo beat him in both categories). He looks to be making decisions faster and finding teammates, on top of scoring.

See how, in the first clip, he's waiting for a decision from the Wolves defense. Not forcing, not going for a contested jumper. He gets Gobert's full focus, waits for Love to pop out to the corner and hits him with a bounce pass for an easy three.

In the second clip, the same patience. He attacks the pick-and-roll, gets Bitadze on him and waits for Cole Anthony to come. He goes with a little pump fake to get both defenders in the air before finding Thomas Bryant under the rim.

Simple pick and roll with Bam on the third clip, with Robinson and Lowry spacing the floor on the weak side. Both Maxey and Oubre leave the paint open as Bamba and Melton concentrate on Herro, which allows him to hit his center in stride for an easy dunk.

The fourth clip has the Sixers already preparing for the Bam screen by getting in front. So, Duncan Robinson moves to the wing after he and Herro reads Maxey's position, hitting his shooter for an open three.