Heat in 5: A Jaime Jaquez Jr. Christmas, the different sides of Tyler Herro, and more

Plus, Bam Adebayo resumes his Defensive Player of the Year campaign.
Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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4️⃣ Problems with turnovers

Tyler Herro
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We continue with Tyler Herro, although on a negative note. The Heat had the eighth-most turnovers in the league last week at 14.3 per game, with Herro collecting 3.5. Part of his development as a higher usage guy will have bumps on the road, so this is normal and some turnovers are somewhat encouraged as he continues to develop his handle. But there were some things that stood out that he can quickly correct.

Herro creates a problem for himself in the first clip by going too fast. He attacks the middle of the Magic defense with an advantage and some colleagues running behind. He almost loses the ball, gets back and risks a pass to Lowry with no real need.

In the second clip, Herro comes off a dribble handoff with Bam Adebayo and immediately stops his dribble, without the Hawks defense committing to him or Bam. He tries the pass and Murray intercepts it.

Pick and roll with Bam for the third clip, with Herro going too fast yet again. The Heat have an advantage, but he drives too deep, which forces him to stop his dribble and pivot, allowing Melton to recover his position and steal the pass to the corner.

Another pick and roll with Bam that Oubre defends well. And again, Herro stops his dribble. He jumps from his position and from there, it's tough to find an open teammate against a set defense. Still, he had better options in Bam at first and Lowry after, but especially if he didn't stop his dribble.