Heat in 5: Caleb Martin back to form, downhill Jaime, missing Bam, and more

This week, we take a look at Caleb Martin playing his best basketball of the season and reasons why the Miami Heat have struggled without Bam Adebayo and Haywood Highsmith.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat
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Duncan Robinson
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5️⃣ An indecisive Duncan Robinson

Worse than not having Jimmy Butler at full force when the Heat needs him, it's having an indecisive Duncan Robinson playing the worst game of the season in that same game.

Against the Cavaliers, Robinson looked like a shell of himself, forcing shots at times and appearing to be thinking too much on every action when his shot wasn't falling. He finished the game with one point, one assist and a season-high six turnovers.

In the first clip, what is usually a straight-up shot or even a shot fake and a side dribble turns into a pump fake and an off-balance 3.

In the second clip, Duncan takes the handoff from Orlando Robinson and has the space to pull up with Allen behind the play. But he hesitates again and decides to go for a cross-court pass to Caleb that gets intercepted by Mitchell.

And the last one is a clear sign of a player trying to do too much. Butler accelerates and has the advantage over Wade while Darius Garland is with Robinson and will not leave him, opening up space for Butler inside. There is no need to set a screen here, and Robinson picks up an offensive foul.

Statistics accurate as of Monday, Dec. 11.

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