Jimmy Butler's latest antics just one of many hilarious troll moments

Jimmy Butler was sidelined for the Miami Heat's Game 2 win over the Boston Celtics, but that didn't mean he didn't have something to say.
Miami Heat v Houston Rockets
Miami Heat v Houston Rockets / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Jimmy Butler is certainly one of the most interesting players in the NBA to watch both on and off the court because you never quite know what he'll do or say. What rings true for this statement is the fact that he usually updates his Instagram stories with what he's eating, doing, and listening to. Very simple social media activity. However, he'll occasionally diverge from his usual posts and deliver some posts that are instant classics. After the Miami Heat's 111-101 Game 2 playoff win, he came through again, adding another post to his Louvre of trolling.

Butler shared a post of his face photoshopped onto Jaylen Brown's body with Brown's famous phrase last year, "Don't let us get one." This was a phrase in response to the Boston Celtics being down 0-3, looking for any spark of motivation to get back into the series.

Butler captioned the post saying "feeling cute, might delete later. sikeeeee I ain’t deleting s***."

This is a bit of a bold post considering the series just started, but honestly, it works. The narrative is that the Heat have no shot in this series, so why not go all out? The Heat are leveraging their resilience amidst a series of setbacks, knowing they could mail it in because they have every excuse in the book, but they chose not to. It's a hilarious post, but rightfully a warning. Don't let them get one.

Looking at the post brings back memories of older posts and all the crazy things he's done to be considered one of the NBA's biggest trolls. Really, it starts with his off-the-court posts when he came into the 2022-23 media day with fake dreads and a shaven goatee, so all the prime-time games had to use his goofy player portraits. He looked completely unrecognizable and then immediately returned to normal Jimmy Butler.

During the playoff run of the same year, he went nuclear on the Milwaukee Bucks, both on the court and social media. After Game 1, he posted a picture of two deer looking timid, a clear, yet clever shot at the Bucks. Later after the Heat finished the series in five, he posted stories of him trash-talking Jrue Holiday and sharing a fake quote of Max Strus saying something he has no business saying. Have to love Jimmy.

The next series against the New York Knicks was a bit more business-related, and he let his play speak for itself. However, after the series was over he did share a video of him warming up and playing with Drake's "6 PM in New York" track. It's not really the biggest laugh, but it's still a pretty clever jab.

In the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, after going up 2-0 and delivering a beatdown to the C's, Butler hit the famous timeout celebration that Al Horford had previously used to mock the Heat. Included in the post is Butler mocking Horford and also a still of him pointing at Grant Williams after scoring plus a foul. Needless to say, he doesn't forget anything.

That brings us back to this season where he kicked off media day with his new persona, "Emo Jimmy." After that, he's been relatively quiet and Instagramming his normal Instagram activities that you'd expect. This new post, however, may have started a new playoff run filled with new trolls to laugh at.

Jimmy Butler is not only putting together a Hall of Fame career as a basketball player but also as a professional troll. Here's to hoping the Heat can snag another win, because who knows what Butler might do next.