Heat 2024 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0: Who could Miami draft at no. 15?

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3. Ja’Kobe Walter, guard, Baylor

Age: 19

Size: 6-5, 6-10 wingspan, 198 pounds

Signature strength: Talented shooter and competitive defender

Notable weakness: So-so athleticism

Walter has been labeled as one of the safer picks in this class. Drawing comparisons to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, it’s easy to picture him sliding into a similar 3-and-D role. For the record, the Heat could use exactly that, especially with Martin and Highsmith entering free agency.

But I saw flashes of something more during his time at Baylor. There’s some playmaking chops and dynamic shot-making that lead me to believe there’s a higher ceiling here. I also love the emotion this guy plays with, and I suspect the Heat will, too. He is constantly pumping his teammates up, diving on the floor and taking charges, and he looks forward to playing defense.