Heat 2024 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0: Who could Miami draft at no. 15?

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5. Zach Edey, center, Purdue

Age: 22

Size: 7-4, 7-11 wingspan, 299 pounds

Signature strength: Enormous rim protector and automatic low-post scorer

Notable weakness: Struggles to defend in space

The polarizing behemoth, Edey is a massive human at 7-foot-4 with a 7-foot-11 wingspan. He was also productive, as the two-time national player of the year. Despite questions about his ability to play NBA-style defense, the Heat could be interested in an immediate injection of size to the roster, plus his low-post scoring and offensive rebounding.

Edey spent part of the combine trying to change scouts' minds about his outside shooting ability and agility. He demonstrated some comfort taking jump shots and tested well in the agility drills. That self-awareness and competitive spirit might have grabbed the Heat’s attention.