Miami Heat Dispatch: Bam Adebayo, Jaime Jaquez Jr., Duncan Robinson step up in win vs Hawks

Jaime Jaquez Jr. led the Miami Heat's offense in the first half, Duncan Robinson stepped up in the second, and Bam Adebayo anchored the defense in Friday's win vs the Hawks.
Atlanta Hawks v Miami Heat
Atlanta Hawks v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Quote of the game: "Our defense has been much better since Bam has been back."

Spoelstra was pleased with the Heat’s performance, especially their ability to defend the Hawks. Atlanta is No. 4 in terms of offensive efficiency and No. 5 in pace. There seemed to be some extra work in the film room or possibly just a notable game plan from Spoesltra, but the Heat were ready to play a specific type of ball right off the tip. 

“This team is ridiculously tough to guard. They have a lot of different kinds of weapons," Spoelstra said. "Bam’s ability to play basically every coverage tonight was critical. Our defense has been much better since Bam has been back, and that’s not a coincidence."

Miami turned it into a defensive battle that Atlanata usually doesn’t like fighting. They used their length to push the Hawks toward shots they don’t regularly take. It was a masterclass from guys like Herro and Duncan Robinson who combined for 57 points, but the credit needs to go to Spoelstra.

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