Miami Heat Dispatch: Bench fuels dominant win over Hornets

The Miami Heat beat the Charlotte Hornets in back-to-back games, this time closing them out with a big performance from Jaime Jaquez Jr. and the bench.
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat
Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The Miami Heat grab their second straight win against the Charlotte Hornets with a 115-104 victory Wednesday at Kaseya Center. Despite another game with key starters on the sideline, Miami found a way to dominate. 

Stat Of The Game: Turnovers

Miami was plagued with turonvers right off the tip. In the first quarter alone they had nine turnovers, being careless with the ball. They surpassed their average game total of 13 in the first half, having in one half for the first time this season. 

It didn’t seem like the pressure from the Hornets was the causing factor. Charlotte played back on defense, other than trapping three-point shooters beyond the arc. They were fairly passive, but the Heat had an issue finding a true ball handler to facilitate the offense. 

There wasn’t anyone on the floor that truly controlled the game before Jaime Jaquez Jr. took over that role in the second half. Jaquez recorded 17 points and eight assist through the night. The Heat were able to win the game off runs, which led to a sufficient 29 assists. Turnovers were clearly an issue, but this isn’t something the Heat need to push the panic button on.