3 Ways Jamie Jaquez Jr. can become a top-10 forward in the NBA

It's not just the shooting. To become one of the NBA's premier forwards, Jaime Jaquez Jr. has a lot more work to do.
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Coming into the draft, the biggest knock on Jaime Jaquez Jr. was his three-point shot. He was streaky in college and has been steaky in the NBA as well.

In November, Jaquez shot 39% on threes. In December, it was 32%. In January, 26%. In February, 20%. There's been a little bit of a bounce-back in March -- 29%.

Three points shot from the corner

To take the next step, Jaquez needs to be a more consistent shooter. Jaquez doesn’t need to be prime Ray Allen but being a more consistent shot-maker will open up drive and kick opportunities for him in Miami's offense.

He should start by increasing his percentages from the corner. Guys like Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and Terry Rozier will benefit from Jaquez spacing from the corner, where he can also back-cut against defenses for easy scores.

Jaquez has a solid post-up game and footwork, but adding another dynamic to his game will give him more options. Jaquez has good form on his jump shot but I'd like to see him have more arc on his jumper.