3 Ways Jamie Jaquez Jr. can become a top-10 forward in the NBA

It's not just the shooting. To become one of the NBA's premier forwards, Jaime Jaquez Jr. has a lot more work to do.

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Getting to free throw line

Jaquez will need to continue to work on his free throws and get to the line more. Jaquez has drawn comparisons to Jimmy Butler and Gordan Hayward, and both players in their primes thrived by attacking defenses and getting to the line. Jaquez has a similar body type to both players and there is room for him to get stronger.

Jaquez thrives when he gets out on the break and does a good job at creating contact when attacking with a head of steam. In the half court, Jaquez at times has tunnel vision and isn’t as effective going to the rim. Seeing the court better will help him see opportunities to get to the free throw line.

Jaquez averages 2.4 free-throw attempts per game. There is so much room for growth and his game -- full of pump fakes, shoulders and spins -- lends itself to get to the line more.

When Jaquez's shot isn't falling, he needs to be able to shift gears and get his points at the free-throw line. It's a big reason why guys like Butler and Hayward rose to become All-Stars.