Miami Heat lifer reveals unexpected way Chris Bosh helped him during rookie season

Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets - Game Four
Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets - Game Four / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages

On a recent episode of "The OGs" podcast, Udonis Haslem and Mike Miller invited Miami Heat guard Josh Richardson to discuss his rookie year and what it's like to get traded.

"This man was huddled over at his locker eating a double chili cheeseburger... At HALFTIME!"

During the episode, Richardson shares that Chris "Birdman" Anderson sprinted to the locker room during his rookie year at halftime to grab a bite. When Richardson walked in, "This man was huddled over at his locker eating a double chili cheeseburger at halftime."

As a rookie, you have a lot of Welcome to the League moments. Seeing Birdman eating a double chili cheeseburger at halftime was probably not a thought during his rookie year.

Josh Richardson says Chris Bosh took him under his wing

Richardson shares that Bosh bought him his "first nice suit." When Richardson went to his first press conference, he had a suit that didn't fit, and his mom had to sew in the pants. Richardson says Bosh bought him three suits. It's not surprising from Bosh, who has always had a good relationship with his teammates.

That is not all Bosh did for Richardson. Richardson shares that Bosh watched film with him. Another funny story from this episode is when Richardson says Bosh and Amar'e Stoudemire had an injured Richardson order chicken wings for after the game.

Purple Shirt guy still lives on

Richardson was asked about the best performance he's ever seen from a teammate. Richardson replied, "Purple shirt man."

He's referring to Game 6 of the 2016 playoffs in Charrlotte. It was an elimination game for the Miami Heat. Wade was going off hitting crazy threes. Richardson said it best:

"D-Wade don’t shoot much threes," Richardson said. "D-Wade's shooting stepback threes, turn around looking at this dude on the sideline all the way back."

Wade was taking over the game so much that a fan who was sitting courtside, wearing a purple shirt, started heckling Wade, which got Wade going. "Purple shirt man" and his exchange with Wade was captured by TV cameras and goes down as one of the great moments in Heat history.

This episode was a fun look back to Richardson's first stint in Miami. Richardson said he was a big Joe Johnson fan growing up, and while Richardson was sitting next to another rookie, Justise Winslow, Johnson walked onto the bus, and Richardson thought Johnson stepped on the wrong bus. But seconds later, he got an update on his phone that Johnson had signed with Miami.

Richardson's rookie year was an eventful season. Bosh was out for the season due to blood clots for the second season. Ricardson played half his season in the G-league and then was a key part of the rotation in the playoffs.

Richardson also discusses the famous video of former Miami player Hassan Whiteside running around the locker room. This was a fun listen that made me return to 2016. People forgot Miami could have gone to the Finals that year if it were healthy.