7 Most likely Miami Heat to be traded away this offseason

The Heat will have trade discussions about these players.
Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler
Miami Heat, Jimmy Butler / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Jimmy Butler

Butler wants an extension. He is eligible to get two years and $113 million added to his contract, but the Heat are not eager to give him the max. Since arriving in Miami five years ago, Jimmy Buckets has played 291 games, or 58.2 per season. Riley and the Heat want him to be more available, but that seems unlikely as he approaches his 35th birthday.

Butler can become a free agent in 2025 and other teams will be eager to offer him a max contract. If the Heat do not plan to keep him long-term, now is the time to trade the six-time All-Star.

Can Miami get a superstar offer for Butler? The Heat could use multiple draft picks and young talent acquired in the deal to chase a different star. South Beach will remain a destination and Bam Adebayo is not going anywhere. It is all about the franchise maximizing their odds of winning a title.

This decision lies with the Miami Heat. Jimmy Butler wants the extension, but the franchise is hesitant to make the offer. Does that change? If not, he could out of Miami before the 2024-25 season.

Will the Heat make multiple moves this summer? Can Pat Riley build another unexpected contender? Never count the Hall of Famer out.