Don't worry Heat Nation: Terry Rozier is going to figure it out

Terry Rozier was acquired to fill up the points column in the Miami Heat's stat sheet. His shooting woes have been apparent, but what happens when he remembers how to shoot?
Los Angeles Clippers v Miami Heat
Los Angeles Clippers v Miami Heat / Rich Storry/GettyImages

It can take some time to get comfortable in new situations. Terry Rozier is still adjusting to a lesser role than in Charlotte. Although he has been struggling with shooting, there's no need to worry about what we've seen so far. Despite his shooting woes, the Miami Heat are winning quality games as of late, and Rozier is making significant contributions in other ways.

Rozier is getting to the rim in a way the Heat haven't had in a while. He's only averaging 8.4 drives per game, but he keeps defenders on edge with the threat of his shot-making and burst.

Defenders can't stay in front of him. He yoyos the ball each and anyway. With slowed spins and tween tweens, Rozier slithers by even the best in the business – or he opts for tough jumpers right in their faces (which he was making on the regular earlier this year).

Most guys with an aesthetically pleasing game like this would put their handles on display every trip down. Searching for ohs and ahs from the crowd. Not Rozier, though. He's buying into the culture and contributing in a multitude of ways, regardless of whether his shot is falling or not.

His unselfishness is the opposite of what you'd expect. With the type of handle and flare Rozier exudes, one may presume he's a showboat or a ball hog. Those words couldn't be further from the truth when analyzing Rozier's game.

Watch the clip below; how many point guards reject an outlet pass? While encouraging the versatile big to bring the ball up? You could argue Rozier is still getting acclimated and doesn't want to "do too much," but he's been a model of selflessness since joining the Heat.

A lot of point guards don't compete for rebounds. Some coaches want the point guard to be the first one up the floor to receive outlet passes. Other coaches tell point guards to let the bigs crash while they get back on defense. Either way, Rozier lives by neither of these philosophies.

Rozier consistently grabs his rocks and fights with the Goliaths in the paint. His sloth-like 6-foot-8 wingspan aids him in corralling boards. Rozier is averaging close to five rebounds a game in South Beach – showing fearlessness and guts that ooze Miami Heat basketball.

Rozier's play with the ball in his hand screams unselfishness as well. His 5.6 assists per game only tells part of the story. Rozier has been unselfish to a fault nine games into his Heat tenure. He's fine coming off the ball and standing in the corner. Teams aren't sagging off him even though he's shooting 25% from three – he is providing value standing in the corner, but he was acquired to score.

Rozier is getting good looks at the basket. He's creating quality looks while always being ready to shoot when Jimmy, Herro, or Bam drive. These high-quality looks will eventually begin to fall. Don't panic, Heat Nation. Rozier is shooting a putrid 37.6 eFG%, but the Heat are 4-1 over the last five games, with Rozier registering 31 minutes a night. He's on the floor doing the ancillary things many didn't know he could do.

The Heat have sowed some of Rozier's positive seeds. His electrifying shot-making has yet to come, but his selflessness, playmaking for others, and willingness to get in there with the trees have been a joy to watch. Terry Rozier will eventually remember how to score and shoot , and everybody should be on notice when he does.