Miami Heat trade targets: 3 realistic, 2 pipe dream options to consider

Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat
Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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With less than a month until the NBA trade deadline, trade talks are ramping up – and trades are actually happening! Which players could be on the move soon? From the oft-cited names in trade rumors to some less-expected ones, the Miami Heat should be turning over every stone as they look for upgrades. Here are some potential trade targets, ranked from the most realistic to the most fanciful. 

1. Terry Rozier, Charlotte Hornets

We’ve covered the Terry Rozier option on this site a lot already, but with Yahoo’s Jake Fischer recently reporting that Rozier prefers the Heat if he were to get traded, this scenario is starting to pick up steam. 

The deal here is easy: Swap Kyle Lowry’s expiring for Rozier. 

The Hornets get cap flexibility to build around LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller going forward, and the Heat may have to throw in a second-round pick or another asset to make it work.

For the Heat, they get a guard capable of getting to the basket and making plays for others. Rozier has also shown flashes of being an above-average point-of-attack defender, which is another one of Miami’s biggest needs.