Can the Heat help this former Warriors lottery pick reach his potential?

Jonathan Kuminga is frustrated with his role on the Golden State Warriors. Things would be different in Miami.
Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors
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An exceptional architect knows that the foundation of a building must be precise and functional. They understand that the foundation is not just important but essential. With a solid foundation, anything in life, including a successful franchise, will be able to thrive.

The Miami Heat are fortunate to have one of the world's best architects at the helm -- coach Erik Spoelstra. Different individuals are responsible for different things but, under Spoelstra's leadership, the main thing stays the main thing: winning at any cost.

This franchise-wide mentality of unity and focus is a cornerstone of the organization's stability. Spoelstra, who just signed a contract extension that makes him the highest-paid coach in the NBA (well deserved), has been a constant presence at the helm since 2008-2009, providing a steady hand and consistent leadership.

Spo has allowed many players to maximize their potential under his tutelage. Max Strus, Gabe Vincent, 2018 Josh Richardson, Hassan Whiteside, Haywood Highsmith, and Duncan Robinson all thrived under Spo, becoming the best versions of themselves. None of these players were lottery picks with off-the-chart athleticism.

Now, imagine what Spo could do with a player with that type of potential.