NBA Defensive Player of the Year power rankings: Bam Adebayo rising to the top

Bam Adebayo is slowly creeping into the Defensive Player of the Year conversation again. This could be the year he finally wins the award.
Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers
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Here are the top seven greatest offenses of all time according to their offensive rating -- 2024 Pacers (122.1), 2024 Bucks (121.9), 2024 Celtics (121.4), 2024 Thunder (121), 2024 76ers (120.3), 2024 Clippers (119.9), in addition to the 2024 Nuggets (119.4).

Believe it or not, the top seven NBA offenses of all time are all unfolding in this very year. The 2024 season is witnessing offenses operating at an unprecedented level in this pace and space era.

Defensive stalwarts are at a premium currently. Defense has obviously always been important, but it's even more essential when trying to contain these offensive wizards. Defending in space and deterring offenses from the rim are two of the main ingredients for a dominant defender. The five players on this list either excel at both or play at an All-NBA level in either aspect.

5. Victor Wembanyama

It's rare for rookies to be taken seriously in races like this. But here's the twist: two rookies have made it to this list! Their performances have been outstanding, and their age and experience haven't diminished their impact.

Victor Wembanyama is a force to be reckoned with. Players aren't eager to try him at the rim like they were way back in October at the tip of the season. Over the last 20 games, Wemby has averaged a menacing 3.6 blocks.

He's constantly erasing shots from all over the floor on a minute restriction! Imagine what his numbers and impact will look like when he's released from this leash.

San Antonio doesn't quite have the team success to prop Wemby up (24th defense) but that isn't his doing. We know he protects the rim like a guardian saving the galaxy, but he'll need to improve on the perimeter to reach that different stratosphere of a defender.