5 Players Heat fans should watch in the NCAA Tournament

The men's March Madness bracket is filled with reasons for Miami Heat fans to watch.
Arkansas v Kentucky
Arkansas v Kentucky / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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1. Zach Edey, Purdue

Where draft analysts land on Edey varies wildly at this stage of the pre-draft process. The Purdue senior has been one of the most dominant interior presences in college basketball for years, but draftniks differ on whether that will translate to the faster-paced NBA level.

At 7-foot-3 with a 7-foot-11 wingspan, few players in college or the pros possess Edey’s sheer size. But he combined that size with skill and touch in the paint, making him a hub of offense in the post.

Proponents champion Edey’s feel for the game and IQ. Detractors question if he’ll be able to defend when NBA opponents draw him away from the basket and point out that, although he has good touch in the paint, he has almost no perimeter offensive game to speak of.

But there’s no debating that he has transformed himself from a fringe draft prospect to college basketball’s likely Player of the Year.