Power Ranking 8 teams under more or less pressure than the Miami Heat to win a championship

The Miami Heat are confident in their ability to win, but it is unclear if they are expected to do so or if it is internal pressure.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Six
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Athletes often experience proverbial pressure in sports. The roaring crowds, the tension of sweaty palms, and the thrill of racing heart rates are just a few of the sensations that come with the territory. There's no feeling like the adrenaline in a pressurized sports moment. Some run away from the moment, while others embrace these challenges with a welcoming smile.

Some players and organizations crumble under this pressure to win when they're supposed to. Multiple playoff collapses have occurred in the NBA's history in both Eastern and Western conferences. Will any teams in the Eastern Conference fold under the pressure, or will everybody stand up and fight until defeat?

Ranking 8 East playoff teams from no pressure to championship-or-bust

Paolo Banchero, Precious Achiuwa
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8. Orlando Magic 


1.3 NetRtg

The Orlando Magic are one of the surprise teams in the league this year. Led by sophomore sensation Paolo Banchero, the young Magic are poised to be a dominant team in the East for years to come.

Their defense is here to stay. You don't usually see a team this young with the 4th best defense. Jalen Suggs, disruptive enough to make First-Team All-Defense, is the shortest player in their starting lineup at six-foot-five. are a long, athletic bunch communicating well and sticking with their man one-on-one.

Franz Wanger is another core player. It was evident what he could do as a scorer over his first two years (17 PPG on 57 TS%), but how his defense has perked up in year three has been a pleasant surprise.

Orlando has the 8th most pressure to win now in the playoffs. They've arrived on the scene sooner than expected. Everything after this successful regular season is icing on the cake. This young group will gain invaluable experience come April -- the rest of the conference better beat them while they can.