Power Ranking 8 teams under more or less pressure than the Miami Heat to win a championship

The Miami Heat are confident in their ability to win, but it is unclear if they are expected to do so or if it is internal pressure.
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Six
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Jimmy Butler
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4. Miami Heat


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The national media does not have their blinders on this year. They acknowledge the Heat can hang in a series with any team in the East. Zach Lowe's statement about why no team wants to see the Heat is telling. Nick Wright has the Heat in the same tier as Boston and Milwaukee.

No longer "dangerously looming," the Heat can't sneak up on teams anymore. You know you will be in an intense physical battle when you play this Erik Spoelstra-led team. How much pressure is on the Heat?

While giving the Heat credit for competing with under-the-radar players, without that undisputed top-five player, the Heat will never enter a season with title or bust expectations from the media. They'll acknowledge how gritty and feisty Miami is but will hit the breaks and discuss other teams' superior talent if the Heat are bested in the playoffs.

The Heat's pressure is internal. Nobody in the locker room believes they won't win it all this year. They've been knocking on the door for years, and Jimmy Butler and company are ready to kick it down. Terry Rozier's addition gave Miami a new dimension. He consistently throws Hawkeye-accurate alley-oops. 

If the Heat were in danger of losing one of their stars contingent on a deep playoff run, they'd be under more pressure. None of us want this outcome, but even a first-round exit wouldn't cause Bam Adebayo or Butler to be on the move this summer; this next team can't say the same.