NBA Sixth Man power rankings: 2 Heat players competing for award

There isn't a runaway favorite for Sixth Man on the Year. Can Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Duncan Robinson get their names in the race?
Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors
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4. Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Jaime Jaquez, Andrew Wiggins
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Stats: 13.8 PPG 4.0 RPG 38 3P%

The counting numbers still need to perk up for Jaquez compared to some of the guys in front of him. It's a good thing this is a power ranking based on how players are currently playing-- also a prediction on where the player projects.

Jaquez continues to prove that Spoelstra can depend on him in pivotal spots. That's an essential aspect of being a 6th man-- being able to fill in for starters when necessary.

Christmas Day was a huge spot, and Jaquez didn't disappoint.

Jaquez recorded his first double-double, with the entire NBA community tuning in.

Jaquez is arguably the best defender on this list. He's a cerebral defender reading plays before they transpire.

These clips show Jaquez sticking with Klay Thompson on the perimeter, absorbing the bump, and vertically contesting a layup. He can get over screens like a miniature guard and contest shots. This adds versatility to any lineup he's in with. In the last clip, we see Jaquez leave All-Time great shooter Klay Thompson to disrupt Jonathan Kuminga's driving angle-- thus forcing a turnover.

This was a high IQ play that shows how ahead Jaquez is as a rookie. He, too, like Robinson, is in the running for two awards. Rookie of the Year may be a long shot with those two skilled behemoths seemingly ahead of Jaquez, but 6MOY may be more feasible.