NBA Sixth Man power rankings: 2 Heat players competing for award

There isn't a runaway favorite for Sixth Man on the Year. Can Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Duncan Robinson get their names in the race?
Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors
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2. Tim Hardaway Jr.

Tim Hardaway Jr.
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Stats; 18 PPG 3.7 RPG 36.7 3P%

Tim Hardaway Jr. could be the 2020's poster boy for the term, irrational confidence. He thinks every shot he takes should go in, or at least that's how it looks. Whether that be a 30-foot contested bomb or a step back with his feet barely behind the line, everything is supposed to be money.

Some may call him a jacker or a gunner, but this role is necessary for contending teams. Everybody needs a grenade guy, a player who is unafraid to take any shot with the shot clock running down (or shots others don't want to take). Former NBA Sharpshooter JJ Reddick and Cam Thomas discuss the topic below.

Hardaway Jr. plays this vigilante role for the Dallas Mavericks. Gotham City loves Batman when he saves the day, but chastise him after any mistake occurs. When shots are falling, fans love you. When it's a cold shooting night, the inconsistent shooters takes a lot of blame. Regardless, Hardaway Jr. has been Dallas's third most consistent offensive option, and his bravery deserves a salute from me.