Outlining the Heat's potential path to another miracle NBA Finals run

If the Miami Heat are going to repeat as Eastern Conference champions, here's how they'll have to do it.
Miami Heat v Boston Celtics
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Round 2: Indiana Pacers

Nikola Jović, Andrew Nembhard
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With Giannis Antetokounmpo already set to miss the beginning of the series for the Milwaukee Bucks with no definitive answer on when Antetokounmpo would be back, the Indiana Pacers have a good chance of securing an upset over the Bucks as the Pacers have the number one offense in the association and had success against the Bucks this season with Antetokounmpo playing. With Doc Rivers having a long list of playoff failures, it would not be shocking in the least bit if the Pacers advance to the second round.

In a potential series against Indiana, Miami would be going up against a defense that allows over 120 points per game and ranks bottom five in defensive rating. In three meetings this season, Jimmy Butler had his way attacking the basket and averaged 13.6 free throws per game against Indiana.

Although the Heat had their issues containing first-team Heat killer T.J. McConnell and Indiana's offense who averaged 131 points against the Heat in the regular season, it would be hard to not trust Erik Spoelstra to come up with a defensive gameplan that can affect Tyrese Haliburton and the Pacers to get them over the hump.