Paul Pierce's comments about Udonis Haslem are embarrassing

No matter what Paul Pierce says, everything Udonis Haslem received he earned.
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Two
Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Two / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The Miami Heat's rivalry with the Boston Celtics isn't going anywhere. Miami is 4-2 against the chihuahua-sized threat Boston Celtics in the playoffs-- and has three championships to Boston's one since 1989 (first Heat season). I'd be bitter, too, if I were a Boston fan or player.

Sparks flew under an Instagram post over the weekend.

Former All-Star and self-proclaimed tough guy Stephen Jackson was paying homage to a real OG, Udonis Haslem, getting his jersey retired on his personal Instagram account.

Jackson bodly states, "Felt like all the Real Ones got they jersey retired. Being solid still in style. Earned not Given. Salute my boy. #Mr305 @ud40 Big Congrats. For all the real ones who will never see this day be proud a real got his just due."

This caption got Mr. I Need a Wheelchair for poop in my pants, Paul Pierce a little rattled. Pierce claims this UD achievement was, in fact, given, not earned.

Pierce Has Open Heat wounds

This is the same man publicly stating he is a better player than THE Heat legend Dwyane Wade. Shoutout to Jalen Rose, as he did a brilliant job attempting to open Pierce's eyes to the blasphemy coming out of his mouth. The cooking starts at the 1:51 mark.

Most humans would feel embarrassed after getting fried like a crab leg during a seafood boil. Pierce is not exempt from said embarrassment. Pierce is personally 1-3 against the Heat and Haslem in the playoffs; we can see he's still a bit salty.

UD more than earned everything

The 20-year man. The man who sacrificed money so the Big Three era could take place. The all-time franchise rebounding leader. The man who set the tone for what the culture is all about.

Heat fans cherish what UD has brought to the franchise. He's a literal life-long Miami resident, as he was born and raised there. The numerous stories of how he protected Heat players from the outside world due to his Miami connections will never go unappreciated.

Haslem is the main reason Dirk Nowitzki shot a putrid 39% from the field and 25% from three during the 2006 Finals (Miami's first title). A critical factor in their first title, Haslem also contributed to Miami's other two titles during the Big Three Era.

There's no doubt about how essential UD (team captain from 2008-2023) was to Miami and Heat Culture, regardless of what a bitter former Celtic has to say.